PoS - Proceedings of Science

18th International Conference From the Planck Scale to the Electroweak Scale

25-29 May 2015
Ioannina, Greece
published March 18, 2016
Since the second half of the twentieth century we have witnessed important experimental discoveries as well as enormous advances on modern theories of High Energy Physics. These breakthroughs were the spark of a great number of important and influential workshops and conferences. The last two decades the Planck conferences have been established as one of the most successful annual events, covering most of the research areas in High Energy Physics.

The year 2015 we had the honour to host the 18th International Conference {PLANCK 2015} at The University of Ioannina, in the city of Ioannina, Greece. The event took place from Monday, May 25 2015 till Friday, May 29 2015. Previous Planck International Conferences were held in the following cities:

2014: Paris, 2013: Bonn, 2012: Warsaw, 2011: Lisbon, 2010: CERN, 2009: Padova, 2008: Barcelona, 2007: Warsaw, 2006: Paris, 2005: Trieste, 2004: Bad Honnef, 2003: Madrid, 2002: Kazimierz, 2001: La Londe-les-Maures, 2000: Castelvecchio Pascoli, 1999: Bad Honnef, 1998: Kazimierz

The Planck-2015 conference covered a wide range of topics in contemporary theoretical and experimental physics: The talks on Experimental High Energy Physics, focused on the prospects at LHC experiments, the neutrino experiments as well as supersymmetry and dark matter searches. The theoretical talks covered topics in String Theory and String Phenomenology, Supersymmetry and Supergravity, Cosmology, Neutrino Physics and Discrete Symmetries.

Several talks presented also work in astroparticle physics, dark matter and supersymmetry as well as research with wide applications in particle physics and beyond. Following the tradition of the Planck series of conferences, the talks (141 in total) were divided into 41 plenary-review talks, and 100 shorter presentations.

The organisation of the Planck meeting in the city of Ioannina was an important landmark in the scientific life of our University. Spearheaded by the quality of our speakers and the participants, we were fortunate to have very high quality plenary and research talks, as well as stimulating and interesting discussions which made the conference quite fruitful and enjoyable. There were more that 200 registered participants for the event.

The Editors,
Ignatios Antoniadis, George K. Leontaris, Kyriakos Tamvakis


Main session
Towards a Phenomenology for the non-supersymmetric Heterotic String
PoS(PLANCK 2015)001 pdf S. Abel, K.R. Dienes and E. Mavroudi
Higgs dark matter from warped extra-dimension
PoS(PLANCK 2015)002 pdf A. Ahmed, B. Grzadkowski, J. Gunion and Y. Jiang
Universality in radiative corrections for non-supersymmetric heterotic vacua
PoS(PLANCK 2015)005 pdf C. Angelantonj, I. Florakis and M. Tsulaia
Moduli stabilization, de Sitter vacua and supersymmetry breaking
PoS(PLANCK 2015)007 pdf I. Antoniadis
Two-loop induced neutrino masses: A model-independent perspective
PoS(PLANCK 2015)008 pdf D. Aristizabal
Inflation and DE from f(R) gravity
PoS(PLANCK 2015)009 pdf M. Artymowski, Z. Lalak and M. Lewicki
MSSM Higgs : Window into Susy GUTs
PoS(PLANCK 2015)010 pdf C. Aulakh
Gauge Mediation in the NMSSM with a Light Singlet: Sparticles within the Reach of LHC Run II
PoS(PLANCK 2015)012 pdf B. Allanach, M. Badziak, C. Hugonie and R. Ziegler
Naturalness and Supersymmetry
PoS(PLANCK 2015)014 pdf C. Balazs, P. Athron, B. Farmer, D. Kim, D. Kim and B. Farmer
Natural SUSY: LHC and Dark Matter direct detection experiments interplay
PoS(PLANCK 2015)015 pdf D. Barducci, A. Belyaev, A. Bharucha, W. Porod, V. Sanz, A. Belyaev, A. Bharuchac, W. Porod and V. Sanze
Uplifting Maximal Gauged Supergravities
PoS(PLANCK 2015)017 pdf W. Baron
Off-trail SUSY
PoS(PLANCK 2015)019 pdf K. Benakli and L.J.M. Darmé
Large field inflation and string moduli stabilization
PoS(PLANCK 2015)021 pdf R. Blumenhagen, A. Font, M. Fuchs, D. Herschmann and E. Plauschinn
Indirect and direct detection prospect for TeV dark matter in the MSSM-9
PoS(PLANCK 2015)022 pdf M.E. Cabrera Catalan, S.i. Ando, C. Weniger, F. Zandanel and S.i. Ando
Fermion mass and mixing pattern in a minimal T7 flavor 331 model
PoS(PLANCK 2015)023 pdf A. Carcamo Hernandez and R. Martinez
Dark matter with ultra compact mini halos
PoS(PLANCK 2015)025 pdf K.Y. Choi, J.O. Gong and C.S. Shin
How to avoid unnatural hierarchical thermal leptogenesis
PoS(PLANCK 2015)026 pdf J. Clarke
Supersymmetric Z' decays at the LHC
PoS(PLANCK 2015)027 pdf G. Corcella
SO(10) SUSY GUTs from M theory
PoS(PLANCK 2015)028 pdf M. Crispim Romao
Dark Matter: Connecting LHC searches to direct detection
PoS(PLANCK 2015)029 pdf A. Crivellin
Features and implications of the plateau inflationary potentials
PoS(PLANCK 2015)031 pdf I. Dalianis
Family symmetries and CP
PoS(PLANCK 2015)033 pdf I. de Medeiros Varzielas
Currents in supersymmetric field theories
PoS(PLANCK 2015)034 pdf J.P. Derendinger
Non-custodial warped extra dimensions at the LHC
PoS(PLANCK 2015)036 pdf B. Dillon and S.J. Huber
Shaft Inflation and the Planck satellite observations
PoS(PLANCK 2015)037 pdf attachments K. Dimopoulos
Inflation, scale of supersymmetry breaking and moduli stabilization
PoS(PLANCK 2015)038 pdf E. Dudas and C. Wieck
Inflationary observables and moduli masses
PoS(PLANCK 2015)039 pdf D. Kumar, K. Dutta and A. Maharana
Fitting the two-loop renormalized Two-Higgs-Doublet model
PoS(PLANCK 2015)040 pdf O. Eberhardt
Prospects for Supersymmetry at the LHC & Beyond
PoS(PLANCK 2015)041 pdf J. Ellis
Spinor-vector duality and light Z’ in heterotic strings
PoS(PLANCK 2015)043 pdf A. Faraggi and I. Rizos
Phenomenology of the Renormalizable Coloron Model
PoS(PLANCK 2015)045 pdf A. Farzinnia
Search strategies for heavy quark partners at LHC run-II
PoS(PLANCK 2015)046 pdf T. Flacke
Particle production in the background with VEV depending on time
PoS(PLANCK 2015)048 pdf O. Czerwinska, S. Enomoto and Z. Lalak
Effective Field theories and pseudo observables in the quest for physics beyond the standard model
PoS(PLANCK 2015)049 pdf R. Gomez Ambrosio
Neutralino dark matter and naturalness of the electroweak scale
PoS(PLANCK 2015)052 pdf A. Goudelis, G. Belanger, C. Delaunay, G. Bélanger and C. Delaunay
Search for the dark photon in pi0 decays
PoS(PLANCK 2015)053 pdf E. Goudzovski
Searching SUSY from below
PoS(PLANCK 2015)054 pdf G. Grilli di Cortona
String condensation: Nemesis of Black Holes?
PoS(PLANCK 2015)057 pdf M. Hewitt
Gauge-Higgs Grand Unification
PoS(PLANCK 2015)058 pdf Y. Hosotani and N. Yamatsu
Quantum Gravity and Dimensional Transmutation
PoS(PLANCK 2015)061 pdf T. Jones and M. Einhorn
Neutrino flavor-, helicity-, and pair oscillations
PoS(PLANCK 2015)065 pdf A. Kartavtzev, G. Raffelt and H. Vogel
Towards unification of GUT families
PoS(PLANCK 2015)067 pdf J.E. Kim
Neutrinos, Flavour and CP Violation
PoS(PLANCK 2015)068 pdf S.F. King
Stringy N = 1 Super no Scale Models
PoS(PLANCK 2015)070 pdf C. Kounnas and H. Partouche
SU(5) Yukawa matrix unification in the General Flavour Violating MSSM
PoS(PLANCK 2015)071 pdf K. Kowalska and M. Iskrzynski
Naturalness of effective theories in Wilsonian approach
PoS(PLANCK 2015)072 pdf T. Krajewski and Z. Lalak
Gravitational lensing and frame dragging of light in the Kerr-Newman and the Kerr-Newman-(anti) de Sitter black hole spacetimes
PoS(PLANCK 2015)073 pdf G. Kraniotis
Shifted Focus Point and Gluino Mass Bound in the Minimal Mixed Mediation of SUSY Breaking
PoS(PLANCK 2015)074 pdf B. Kyae
Double Hybrid Inflation and gravitational waves
PoS(PLANCK 2015)075 pdf G. Lazarides and C. Panagiotakopoulos
Standard Model vacuum stability in the presence of gauge invariant nonrenormalizable operators
PoS(PLANCK 2015)076 pdf Z. Lalak, M. Lewicki and P. Olszewski
Signs of Tops from Highly Mixed Stops
PoS(PLANCK 2015)080 pdf A. Mariotti, M. Backovic and M. Spannowsky
Dark Matter phenomenology of intersecting D6-branes with a Stückelberg portal
PoS(PLANCK 2015)081 pdf V. Martin-Lozano
Novel Scenarios for Majorana Neutrino Mass Generation and Leptogenesis from Kalb-Ramond Torsion
PoS(PLANCK 2015)082 pdf N.E. Mavromatos
Discrete Symmetries in F-theory models
PoS(PLANCK 2015)083 pdf A. Meadowcroft
R-parity violating supersymmetry and neutrino physics: experimental signatures
PoS(PLANCK 2015)085 pdf V.A. Mitsou
What is a Natural SUSY scenario?
PoS(PLANCK 2015)087 pdf J. Moreno, J.A. Casas, K. Rolbiecki, S. Robles and B. Zaldivar
Dark Matter and Gauge Coupling Unification in Non-supersymmetric SO(10) Grand Unified Models
PoS(PLANCK 2015)088 pdf N. Nagata
Information Retention by Stringy Black Holes
PoS(PLANCK 2015)089 pdf J. Ellis, N.E. Mavromatos and D. Nanopoulos
The quark flavor problem and spontaneous breaking of flavour SU(3)^3
PoS(PLANCK 2015)090 pdf E. Nardi
Supersymmetric Dark Matter after Run I at the LHC: From a TeV to a PeV
PoS(PLANCK 2015)093 pdf K. Olive
Current Status of the T2K experiment
PoS(PLANCK 2015)094 pdf Y. Oyama
Observable Gravitational Waves From Kinetically Modified Non-Minimal Inflation
PoS(PLANCK 2015)095 pdf K. Pallis
Cosmic censorship revisited from a quantum mechanical standpoint
PoS(PLANCK 2015)097 pdf N. Pappas
Aspects of the Flavour Expansion Theorem
PoS(PLANCK 2015)098 pdf M. Paraskevas
Large muon (g-2) from TeV-scale MSSM with infinite tan beta
PoS(PLANCK 2015)099 pdf J.H. Park, M. Bach, D. Stöckinger and H. Stoeckinger-Kim
Anarchic Yukawas and top partial compositeness: the flavour of a successful marriage
PoS(PLANCK 2015)100 pdf A. Parolini
Geroch group for Einstein spaces and holographic integrability
PoS(PLANCK 2015)104 pdf A.C. Petkou, M. Petropoulos, K. Siampos and K. Siampos
Looking for New Naturally Aligned Higgs Doublets at the LHC
PoS(PLANCK 2015)105 pdf A. Pilaftsis, P.S. Bhupal Dev and P.S.B. Dev
Gauge mediation with light stops
PoS(PLANCK 2015)109 pdf M. Quiros, A. Delgado and M. Garcia-Pepin
SO(10) Yukawa Unification : SUSY on the Edge
PoS(PLANCK 2015)110 pdf S. Raby
Supersymmetry and Inflation
PoS(PLANCK 2015)113 pdf A. Sagnotti and S. Ferrara
One-loop corrections to the Higgs EW chiral Lagrangian
PoS(PLANCK 2015)114 pdf J.J. Sanz Cillero, F.K. Guo and P. Ruiz-Femenía
Confronting the Inert Doublet Model with results from Run 1 of the LHC
PoS(PLANCK 2015)118 pdf D. Sengupta
A loophole to the universal photon spectrum in electromagnetic cascades: applications to non-thermal primordial nucleosynthesis
PoS(PLANCK 2015)119 pdf P. Serpico and V. Poulin
GUT-inspired SUSY and the muon g-2 anomaly: Prospects for LHC 14 TeV
PoS(PLANCK 2015)120 pdf E.M. Sessolo, K. Kowalska, L. Roszkowski and A. Williams
µ-Term Hybrid Inflation and Split Supersymmetry
PoS(PLANCK 2015)121 pdf Q. Shafi
Tadpoles, Cephalopods, and ‘Complete Normal Ordering
PoS(PLANCK 2015)123 pdf D. Skliros
GravitinoPack and late decays involving gravitinos
PoS(PLANCK 2015)124 pdf V. Spanos and H. Eberl
Semi-Annihilating Wino-Like Dark Matter
PoS(PLANCK 2015)125 pdf A. Spray and Y. Cai
Interplay of gaugino (co)annihilation processes in the context of a precise relic density calculation
PoS(PLANCK 2015)126 pdf J. Harz, B. Herrmann, M. Klasen, K. Kovarik and P. Steppeler
Rare top-quark decays to Higgs boson in the MSSM
PoS(PLANCK 2015)128 pdf attachments K. Suxho
Blind spots for neutralinos in NMSSM with light singlet scalar
PoS(PLANCK 2015)130 pdf M. Badziak, M. Olechowski and P. Szczerbiak
Axion Dark Matter searches-Modulation, asymmetry and the diurnal variation
PoS(PLANCK 2015)133 pdf J. Vergados and Y. Semertzidis
METing SUSY on the Z peak
PoS(PLANCK 2015)134 pdf O.M. Vives
A discrete Anatomy of the Neutrino mass Matrix
PoS(PLANCK 2015)135 pdf N. Vlachos
Origin of Neutrino Mass
PoS(PLANCK 2015)141 pdf G. Senjanovic and V. Tello