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11th International Workshop Dark Side of the Universe 2015

DSU2015 - (other dsu conferences)
14-18 December 2015
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University Japan
published October 05, 2016
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Recent observations imply that about 95 percents of Universe's energy lies in dark sector. The properties of dark sector has still remain unknown. The understanding has been one of the most plausible problems in modern physics. The aim of this meeting is to bring together experts to discuss the latest advances in the theoretical, astrophysical, cosmological and experimental aspects of the issue and to extend our horizon toward dark side of the Universe
12/14 Morning Session 1
12/14 Afternoon Session 1
12/14 Afternoon Session 2
12/14 Afternoon Session 3
12/15 Morning Session 1
12/15 Morning Session 2
12/15 Afternoon Session 1
12/15 Afternoon Session2
12/16 Morning Session 1
12/16 Morning Session 2
12/17 Morning Session 1
12/17 Afternoon Session 1
12/17 Afternoon Session 2
12/17 Afternoon Session 3
12/17 Afternoon Session 4
12/18 Morning Session 1
12/18 Morning Session 2
12/18 Afternoon Session 1
12/18 Afternoon Session 2
Poster Session (12/15)
12/14 Morning Session 1
Cosmology with the Planck Satellite: from quantum foam to the cosmic web
PoS(DSU2015)001 pdf F. Bouchet
Cosmological Measurements from Galaxy Clustering
PoS(DSU2015)002 file missing W. Percival
12/14 Afternoon Session 1
Isotropy and statistics of the CMB with Planck
PoS(DSU2015)003 file missing A. Frolov
Cosmology with the Square Kilometer Array by SKA-Japan
PoS(DSU2015)004 pdf D. Yamauchi
12/14 Afternoon Session 2
Theoretical Aspects of Cosmic Acceleration
PoS(DSU2015)005 pdf M. Trodden
Inflationary universe in a conformally-invariant two scalar-field theory with an $R^2$ term
PoS(DSU2015)006 pdf attachments K. Bamba
Limitations of cosmography in extended theories of gravity
PoS(DSU2015)007 pdf A.d.l. Cruz-Dombriz
Covariant Effective Field Theory of Gravity
PoS(DSU2015)008 pdf A. Codello and R.K. Jain
12/14 Afternoon Session 3
Primordial Monopoles, Proton Decay and GUT Inflation
PoS(DSU2015)009 pdf Q. Shafi
New forms of potential for string axion inflation
PoS(DSU2015)010 pdf T. Kobayashi
CMB probes on generally correlated axion isocurvature perturbations
PoS(DSU2015)011 pdf K. Kadota
f(R) cosmology and dark matter
PoS(DSU2015)012 pdf G. Lambiase
Running Non-Minimal Inflation with Stabilized Inflation Potential
PoS(DSU2015)013 pdf D. Raut
Standard Model Higgs in the Inflationary Universe
PoS(DSU2015)014 pdf K. Kamada
12/15 Morning Session 1
The structure and large scale distribution of dark matter halos: Overview and new horizons
PoS(DSU2015)015 pdf S. More
Simulations of the formation of large-scale structure
PoS(DSU2015)016 file missing N. Yoshida
12/15 Morning Session 2
Dark Matter Superfluidity
PoS(DSU2015)017 pdf J. Khoury
12/15 Afternoon Session 1
X-ray study of the dark side of the universe
PoS(DSU2015)018 file missing T. Ohashi
Bright Side of the High Energy Universe
PoS(DSU2015)019 file missing K. Ioka
Dark matter signatures in a mostly unexplored gamma-ray energy window
PoS(DSU2015)020 pdf C. Pittori and A. Morselli
12/15 Afternoon Session2
Toward testing the WIMP paradigm
PoS(DSU2015)021 file missing S. Matsumoto
Implications of the AMS-02 data for dark matter and cosmic-ray propagation
PoS(DSU2015)022 pdf Y.F. Zhou
Small scale isocurvature perturbation of WIMP dark matter
PoS(DSU2015)023 pdf K.Y. Choi
Searching for Singlet-Doublet Mixing Majonara DM
PoS(DSU2015)024 file missing Y.L.S. Tsai
12/16 Morning Session 1
Dark Matter Searches at the LHC
PoS(DSU2015)025 file missing M. Morii
12/16 Morning Session 2
SUSY dark matter: axions, LHC, ILC
PoS(DSU2015)026 pdf H. Baer
SUSY dark matter: lessons from and for the early Universe
PoS(DSU2015)027 file missing L. Roszkowski
Naturalness, supersymmetry and dark matter
PoS(DSU2015)028 pdf C. Balazs, P. Athron, B. Farmer and D. Kim
12/17 Morning Session 1
Halo-independent Analysis of Direct Dark Matter Experiments
PoS(DSU2015)029 file missing P. Gondolo
Recent results from the second CDMSlite run and overview of the SuperCDMS SNOLAB project
PoS(DSU2015)030 pdf T. Aramaki
Direct dark matter searches with XMASS
PoS(DSU2015)031 pdf attachments S. Moriyama
XENON1T: the start of a new era in the search for Dark Matter
PoS(DSU2015)032 pdf S. Diglio
12/17 Afternoon Session 1
Indirect dark-matter searches with gamma-rays: Current and future gamma-ray observations from KeV to TeV
PoS(DSU2015)033 pdf A. Morselli
Searching for SUSY and decaying gravitino dark matter at the LHC and Fermi-LAT with the $\mu\nu$SSM
PoS(DSU2015)034 pdf C. Munoz
12/17 Afternoon Session 2
Supersymmetric Dark Matter or not
PoS(DSU2015)035 pdf K. Olive
Probing gaugino coannihilation with displaced vertex searches
PoS(DSU2015)036 pdf N. Nagata
Gluino Coannihilation
PoS(DSU2015)037 file missing F. Luo
12/17 Afternoon Session 3
Hierarchical axion scales for natural inflation and relaxion
PoS(DSU2015)038 file missing K. Choi
Realizing the relaxion with multiple axions and its UV completion with high scale supersymmetry
PoS(DSU2015)039 file missing S.H. Im
12/17 Afternoon Session 4
Building phenomenological models of Dark Matter
PoS(DSU2015)040 pdf Y. Mambrini
SU(2)$_L \times$SU(2)$_R$ minimal dark matter with simplified Higgs sector
PoS(DSU2015)041 pdf T. Nomura
Aspects of CP violation in electroweak baryogenesis
PoS(DSU2015)042 pdf K. Fuyuto
Leptogenesis in $E_6 \times U(1)_A$ SUSY GUT model
PoS(DSU2015)043 pdf M. Yamanaka
12/18 Morning Session 1
Exploring the origin of UHECRs with very-high energy neutrinos -- The IceCube 7years long Ultra-high energy neutrino searches --
PoS(DSU2015)044 file missing S. Yoshida
The indirect search for dark matter with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(DSU2015)045 pdf C. Toennis
MeV scale leptonic force for cosmic neutrino spectrum and muon anomalous magnetic moment
PoS(DSU2015)046 pdf J. Sato
Interpreting the IceCube events by decaying dark matter: hints and constraints
PoS(DSU2015)047 pdf A.E. Taklimi and P.D. Serpico
12/18 Morning Session 2
Not So Weakly Interacting Dark Matter Bonding with Sterile Neutrinos
PoS(DSU2015)048 file missing J. Kersten
Self-Interacting dark matter and monochromatic lines
PoS(DSU2015)049 pdf T. Toma
12/18 Afternoon Session 1
EW scale DM models with dark gauge symmetries
PoS(DSU2015)050 pdf P. Ko
The Flavour Portal to Dark Matter
PoS(DSU2015)051 file missing L. Calibbi
Dark matter and muon (g-2) in an extended Ma model
PoS(DSU2015)052 pdf S. Baek
Flavor violating Z’ from SO(10) SUSY GUT in High-Scale SUSY
PoS(DSU2015)053 pdf Y. Omura
12/18 Afternoon Session 2
Dark matter study in the FeynRules/MadGraph5_aMC2NLO framework
PoS(DSU2015)054 pdf K. Mawatari
Benchmark models for Dark Matter searches at the LHC
PoS(DSU2015)055 file missing S.P. Liew
Mono-quarkonium production for dark matter search
PoS(DSU2015)056 file missing C. Yu
Physics of Dark Matter and Universe in LHC era
PoS(DSU2015)057 file missing M. Nojiri
Poster Session (12/15)
Neutrino masses and mixings as signature of GUT and the impact to nucleon decay
PoS(DSU2015)058 file missing M. Nobuhiro
Characterizing invisible electroweak particles through single-photon processes at high energy $e^+e^-$ colliders
PoS(DSU2015)059 file missing S.Y. Choi
Planck constraints on scalar-tensor cosmology and the variation of the gravitational constant
PoS(DSU2015)060 file missing O. Junpei
Scalar Dark Matter with a Vector-like Top Partner
PoS(DSU2015)061 file missing P. Wu, S. Baek and P. Ko
Breaking $\mu-\tau$ symmetry through the ${Q}_{6}$ flavour group
PoS(DSU2015)062 pdf J.C. Gomez, F. Gonzáles Canales and M. Mondragon
The effect of the supersonic relative motion between baryons and dark matter on the structure formation
PoS(DSU2015)063 file missing S. Asaba
Form factor effects in a Higgs portal pionic dark matter model
PoS(DSU2015)064 pdf S. Okawa
Gravitational waves as a probe of extended Higgs sectors with the first order electroweak phase transition
PoS(DSU2015)065 file missing T. Matsui
Nucleon Electric Dipole Moments in High Scale Supersymmetric Models
PoS(DSU2015)066 pdf W. Kuramoto
Asymmetric dark matter and effective number of neutrinos
PoS(DSU2015)067 pdf Y. Kurosawa
Exploring X-Ray Lines as Scotogenic Signals
PoS(DSU2015)068 pdf S.Y. Ho
Contribution of right-handed neutrinos for reheating era leptogenesis
PoS(DSU2015)069 file missing D. Yasuhara