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Volume 270 - International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2016 (ISGC 2016) - Networking, Security, Infrastructure & Operations
Modeling the Past and Future of Identity Management for Scientific Collaborations
R. Cowles,* C. Jackson, V. Welch
*corresponding author
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Published on: 2017 January 11
Over its three year funding period, the eXtreme Science Identity Management (XSIM) research
project collected and analyzed real world data on identity management (IdM) implementations in
virtual organizations (VOs) representing the last 15+ years of collaborative DOE science. XSIM
conducted over 20 semi-structured interviews of representatives from scientific collaborations and
resource providers, both in the US and Europe; the interviewees supported diverse set of scientific
collaborations and disciplines. We constructed a descriptive IdM model sufficiently complex to
produce accurate, useful descriptions of the observed trust relationships and technical
implementations, but still simple enough to explain and use in novel situations. It was important
that the model be comprehensible to both scientists and IT/Cyber security experts to support a
dialog between stakeholder groups with different lexicons.

In this paper, we summarize the VO IdM model and discuss the experiences and lessons learned
of the XSIM project, both in the process of conducting socio-technical research in this
interdisciplinary space and in utilizing the model to provide guidance to specific communities.
Finally, we describe areas of needed or potentially fruitful research that would enhance the
adoption of advanced IdM technologies in future scientific collaboration
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