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54th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics

BORMIO2016 - (other bormio conferences)
25-29 January 2016
Bormio, Italy
published December 14, 2016
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Long-standing conference bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics. The conference location is Bormio, a beautiful mountain resort in the Italian Alps.
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Oral Contributions
Measurement of the proton form factor at very low Q2
PoS(BORMIO2016)001 pdf A. Weber, M. Mihovilovic, H. Merkel and  on behalf of the A1 Collaboration
Extension of the ratio method to low energy
PoS(BORMIO2016)002 pdf F. Colomer, P. Capel, F. Nunes and R.C. Johnson
Progress in Light Hadron Spectroscopy
PoS(BORMIO2016)004 pdf G. Mezzadri and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Transition form factor of the $^4$ He(0+) monopole resonance
PoS(BORMIO2016)005 pdf S. Kegel and  on behalf of the A1 Collaboration
Early Stages of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
PoS(BORMIO2016)006 pdf L. Oliva, M. Ruggieri, A. Puglisi, S. Plumari, F. Scardina and V. Greco
Forward neutron production in fragmentation of high - energy heavy nuclei
PoS(BORMIO2016)007 pdf V. Yurevich
Computing for the LHC: operations during Run2 and getting ready for Run 3
PoS(BORMIO2016)008 pdf D. Adamová and M. Litmaath
Performance of the ALICE secondary vertex b-tagging algorithm in p-Pb collisions
PoS(BORMIO2016)009 pdf L. Kramarik and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
K- multi-nucleon absorption processes in hadronic interaction studies
PoS(BORMIO2016)010 pdf
R. Del Grande, M. Cargnelli, C. Curceanu, L. Fabbietti, J. Marton, K. Piscicchia, A. Scordo, D. Sirghi, I. Tucakovic, O. Vazquez Doce, S. Wycech, J. Zmeskal, A. Anastasi, F. Curciarello, E. Czerwinski, W. Krzemień, G. Mandaglio, M. Martini, P. Moskal, V. Patera, E. Perez del rio, M. Silarski and  on behalf of the AMADEUS collaboration
XYZ studies at BESIII
PoS(BORMIO2016)011 pdf G. Morello and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
PANDA Forward Spectrometer Calorimeter
PoS(BORMIO2016)013 pdf P. Semenov, S. Bukreeva, S. Chernichenko, A. Sukhih, S. Diehl, V. Dormenev, R. Novotny, V. Mochalov, D. Morozov, A. Ryazantsev, S. Ryzhikov and A. Vasiliev
Study of the $^2H(p,γ)^3He$ reaction in the Big Bang nucleosynthesis energy range at LUNA
PoS(BORMIO2016)014 pdf V. Mossa and  on behalf of the LUNA Collaboration
Electron identification and hadron contamination studies in proton-proton collisions with ALICE
PoS(BORMIO2016)015 pdf A. Dashi and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Determination of the analysing power for the $\vec p$$p$ $\rightarrow pp\eta$ reaction using WASA-at-COSY detector system
PoS(BORMIO2016)016 pdf I. Schatti-Ozerianska, P. Moskal, M. Zielinski and  on behalf of the WASA-at-COSY Collaboration
Oral Contributions
Experimental Tests of Charge Symmetry Breaking in Hypernuclei
PoS(BORMIO2016)017 pdf P. Achenbach
No Low-Lying Nuclear Vibrations: Configuration Dependent Pairing and Axial Asymmetry
PoS(BORMIO2016)018 pdf J.F. Sharpey-Schafer
Recent results on soft QCD topics from ATLAS,
PoS(BORMIO2016)020 pdf R. Lysak and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Beyond the isobar model: Rescattering in the system of three particles.
PoS(BORMIO2016)024 pdf M. Mikhasenko and B. Ketzer
Measurement of the Beam Normal Single-Spin Asymmetry of $^{12}$C
PoS(BORMIO2016)026 pdf A. Esser, H. Merkel, M. Thiel, S. Schlimme and C. Sfienti
Charm Physics at BESIII
PoS(BORMIO2016)027 pdf L. Lei and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Proton-proton and Lambda-proton correlations measured in p+Nb collisions at 3.5 GeV with HADES
PoS(BORMIO2016)028 pdf O. Arnold and  on behalf of the HADES collaboration
DEPFET Pixel Detector for Belle II
PoS(BORMIO2016)029 pdf D. Levit and  on behalf of the DEPFET collaboration
Measurements of heavy flavours with the ALICE experiment at LHC
PoS(BORMIO2016)031 pdf D. Godoy and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Exotic quarkonimum states in CMS
PoS(BORMIO2016)032 pdf L. Cristella and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Symmetry unrestricted Skyrme mean-field study of heavy nuclei
PoS(BORMIO2016)033 pdf W. Ryssens, H. Paul-Henri and B. Michael
Quasi-free one-nucleon Knockout Reactions on neutron-rich Oxygen Isotopes
PoS(BORMIO2016)034 pdf L. Atar, S. Paschalis, T. Aumann, C. Bertulani and  R3b Collaboration
Measurements of $^{12}$C ions fragmentation cross sections on a thin gold target with the FIRST apparatus
PoS(BORMIO2016)035 pdf M. Toppi and  on behalf of the FIRST Collaboration
Symmetry energy and density
PoS(BORMIO2016)036 pdf W. Trautmann, M.D. Cozma and P. Russotto
Internal Target Experiments at the MESA accelerator
PoS(BORMIO2016)037 pdf H. Merkel
From the Coulomb breakup of halo nuclei to neutron radiative capture
PoS(BORMIO2016)038 pdf P. Capel and Y. Nollet
Hydrodynamic modeling of a pure-glue initial scenario in high-energy hadron and heavy-ion collisions
PoS(BORMIO2016)039 pdf V. Vovchenko, L.G. Pang, H. Niemi, I. Karpenko, M. Gorenstein, L. Satarov, I. Mishustin, B. Kämpfer and H. Stoecker
Results from ATLAS and CMS: Strong Interactions and New Physics
PoS(BORMIO2016)042 pdf S. Bethke and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
The EOS of neutron matter and the effect of $\Lambda$ hyperons to neutron star structure
PoS(BORMIO2016)043 pdf S. Gandolfi and D. Lonardoni
Results from CMS and ATLAS: Electroweak Symmetry, Breaking and Beyond
PoS(BORMIO2016)044 pdf P. Azzurri and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations