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PoS(HQL 2016)003

First Neutrino Oscillation Results from the NOvA experiment

K. Sachdev

in XIII International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons

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NOvA is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment on the NuMI muon neutrino beam at Fermilab. It consists of two functionally identical, nearly fully-active liquid-scintillator tracking calorimeters. The Near Detector (ND) at Fermilab is used to study the neutrino beam spectrum and composition before oscillations occur. The Far Detector in northern Minnesota, 810 km away, observes the oscillated beam and is used to extract the oscillation parameters. NOvA is designed to observe oscillations in two channels: disappearance channel (muon neutrino to muon neutrino) and electron neutrino appearance channel (muon neutrino to electron neutrino). This paper reports the measurements of both these channels based on the first NOvA data taken from February 16, 2014 till May 15, 2015