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PoS(HQL 2016)018

Direct neutrino mass measurement in the Project8 experiment

B. VanDevender, On behalf of the Project 8 Collaboration

in XIII International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons

Contribution: pdf


Project 8 proposes to be the next generation direct neutrino mass measurement after KATRIN. Like KATRIN, Project 8 is a tritium endpoint experiment that looks for the effect of neutrino mass on a precisely measured tritium beta decay electron spectrum. Electron spectroscopy in Project 8 is done by Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy (CRES). The concept of CRES is reviewed with recent results from a prototype instrument demonstration. A plan for a phased approach to develop Project 8 into an experiment with sensitivitiy to neutrino masses allowed by the inverted mass hierarchy is also presented.