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PoS(HQL 2016)051

Search for CPV in D0 decays to radiative and hadronic decays at Belle

T. Nanut, On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration

in XIII International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons

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We report a preliminary measurement of the branching fractions of the radiative decays $D^0 \to V \gamma$, where $V=\phi, \bar{K}{}^{*0}$ or $\rho^0$. This is the first observation of the decay $D^0 \to \rho^0 \gamma$. We also present the preliminary results of the first measurement of $CP$ asymmetry in these decays. We present the results of the search for the rare charm decay $D^0 \to \gamma \gamma$, resulting in the most restrictive upper limit to date. Finally, we present the results of the measurement of $CP$ asymmetry in the decay $D^0 \to \pi^0 \pi^0$.