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4th Workshop on ADS and thorium

31 August - 2 September 2016
University of Huddersfield, England
published April 14, 2017
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The Workshop covers the full range of topics in ADS systems and thorium including, but not restricted to, the overlap between them. It includes updates on projects that are, or hope to be soon, under construction around the globe, as well as more preliminary designs and concepts.
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Main session
Thorium Power - where are we?
PoS(ADST2016)001 file missing R. Cywinski
Energy Efficiency of Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactors for Nuclear Waste Transmutation
PoS(ADST2016)002 file missing M. Haj Tahar
Thorium fuelled reactors - do they need an accelerator?
PoS(ADST2016)003 pdf R. Barlow
The Future of Nuclear Energy: Chemistry is the problem, accelerators the solution
PoS(ADST2016)004 file missing C. Bowman
Low cost is mandatory for widespread success
PoS(ADST2016)005 file missing L. Jorgensen
Virginia Tech activities on the design and analysis of advanced subcritical reactor systems
PoS(ADST2016)006 file missing A. Haghighat
MYRRHA project status and contribution for HLW management and SMR based on lead technology
PoS(ADST2016)007 file missing H. Ait Abderrahim
Accelerator reliability requirements for ADS: te MYRRHA project goals
PoS(ADST2016)008 file missing T. Junquera
Modelling accelerator reliability
PoS(ADST2016)009 file missing M. Rescic
Prototyping activities in view of raising the phase 1 accelerator for MYRRHA
PoS(ADST2016)010 file missing D. Vandeplassche
Geant4 simulations of neutron production in a thorium fuelled Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactors
PoS(ADST2016)011 pdf attachments D.S. Lee, R. Cywinski, C. Bungau and R. Seviour
iThEC ADS initiatives
PoS(ADST2016)012 pdf M. Bourquin
Current research on ADS at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
PoS(ADST2016)013 pdf M. Zeman, J. Adam, K. Katovsky, R. Vespalec, L. Zavorka, A.A. Baldin, W. Furman, J. Khushvaktov, A.A. Solnyshkin, J. Svoboda, P. Tichy, V.M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov, S. Tyutyunikov, J. Vrzalova, V. Wagner and P. Zhivkov
The present stats and future plans of the Chinese ADS project
PoS(ADST2016)014 file missing Y. He
Reliability and fault-tolerance in CADS linac and beam commissioning of the CADS injector-1
PoS(ADST2016)015 pdf C. Meng, J. Dai, B. Sun, J. Tang, Z. Xue and F. Ya
Status and challenges of the European Spallation Source
PoS(ADST2016)016 file missing R. Garoby
The Beam Raster System of the European Spallation Source
PoS(ADST2016)017 file missing H. Thomsen
Reliability of high power neutron sources in the design phase
PoS(ADST2016)018 file missing E. Bargello
An overview of the High Power Radio Frequency distribution system of the ESS
PoS(ADST2016)019 pdf N. Turner
Practical experience of running the ISIS proton accelerator spallation source
PoS(ADST2016)020 file missing J. Thomason
A compact high power FFAG proton driver for ADS
PoS(ADST2016)021 file missing C. Johnstone
Studies of the PSI injector II high current cyclotron
PoS(ADST2016)022 file missing A. Kolano
Simulation and parameterisation of spallation neutron distributions
PoS(ADST2016)023 pdf A. Rummana and R. Barlow
Recent developments of high purity niobium metal ingots for ADS applications
PoS(ADST2016)024 file missing G. Abdo
On the qualification of niobium materials for superconducting RF cavity applictions
PoS(ADST2016)025 file missing G. Myneni
DOE/NNSA paying for an ADS pilot plant to dispose of WGU?
PoS(ADST2016)026 file missing R. Johnson