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Volume 281 - The 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC2016) - QCD: Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy – Thursday 15
Studies On η Meson Production In dp Collisions At The Magnetic Spectrometer ANKE
C. Fritzsch,* A. Khoukaz, D. Schröer
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2017 May 04
Published on: 2017 May 09
The magnetic spectrometer ANKE is an internal fixed target experiment at the accelerator and storage ring COSY, located at the Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany, to study the properties and interaction of hadrons in a medium energy regime. For this purpose, COSY provides (un)polarized deuteron and proton beams with momenta between $0.3~\mathrm{GeV}/c$ and $3.7~\mathrm{GeV}/c$.
Furthermore, the design of the ANKE detector setup with its three dipole magnets is very well suited for the detection and reconstruction of charged particles generated even at small scattering angles in reactions close to threshold. Current investigations focus on the behaviour of the $\eta$ meson production process as well as on the study of angular distributions in the reactions $d + p \rightarrow{}^3\mathrm{He} + \eta$ and $p+d \rightarrow d + \eta + p_{spectator}$. The recent analysis status for both reactions will be presented and discussed.
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