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Bent crystals as a tool for manipulation of ultrarelativistic electron beams

L. Bandiera, E. Bagli, G. Germogli, V. Guidi, A. Mazzolari, H. Backe, W. Lauth, A. Berra, D. Lietti, M. Prest, D. Desalvador, E. Vallazza, V. Tikhomirov

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

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Channeling and coherent interactions of charged particles in crystals are known since the 60s and used as a tool for material analysis by low-energy ion channeling and for the generation of linearly polarized γ-beams through coherent bremsstrahlung at electron accelerators. We report on an experiment carried out at the MAinzer MIkrotron with the aim of investigating the electromagnetic radiation generated by 855 MeV electrons in a bent crystal. Such study allows one to investigate the influence of the crystalline curvature on the radiation emitted by sub-GeV electrons in a bent crystal and the possible application of this kind of radiation.