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Type II leptogenesis

J.E. Kim, L. Covi, B. Kyae, S. Nam

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

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We discuss our new theory on baryogenesis `Type-II leptogenesis' \cite{CoviKim16} which is different from the well-known `Type-I leptogenesis' \cite{FY86}. First, we will briefly comment on the Jarlskog phases in the CKM and PMNS matrices, $\delta_{CKM}$ and $\delta_{PMNS}$. Then, the PMNS phase is used in the `Type-II' leptogenesis for Sakharov's condition on the global quantum number generation in the Universe. For this to be effective, the SU(2)$\times$U(1) gauge symmetry must be broken during the leptogenesis epoch.