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Studies of dark sector & B decays involving $\tau$ at Belle and Belle II

G. Inguglia

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

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The Belle II experiment aims to record 50 ab$^{-1}$ data with the high luminosity to be provided by the SuperKEKB energy-asymmetric $e^+e^−$ collider. The anticipated high statistics data enables us to perform studies of B decays involving $\tau$ leptons such as $B^+\to \tau^+\nu_\tau$ and $B\to D^{(*)}\tau^+\nu_\tau$ modes. The precise measurements of branching fraction and of the $\tau$ lepton polarization in these $B$ decays provide a very sensitive indirect search for a charged Higgs boson. Belle II sensitivity for the charged Higgs is complementary to direct searches at ATLAS and CMS. With the large data sample and by using dedicated triggers the Belle II experiment is expected to explore dark sector by searching for visible and invisible decays of the dark photon and the dark Higgs boson, and by also searching for low mass dark matter with unprecedented precision.