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A simplified model for dark matter interacting primarily with gluons.

G. Mendiratta, R. Godbole, A. Shivaji, T. Tait

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

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We consider a simple renormalizable model providing a UV completion for dark matter whose interactions with the Standard Model are primarily via the gluons. The model consists of scalar dark matter interacting with scalar colored mediator particles. A novel feature is the feature that (in contrast to more typical models containing scalar dark matter) the colored scalars typically decay into multi-quark final states, with no associated missing energy. We construct this class of models and examine associated phenomena related to dark matter annihilation, scattering with nuclei, and production at colliders. We compare the results obtained from effective field theory (EFT) with a loop-induced calculations for the collider processes and show that EFT is not applicable for a large parameter space where mediator mass is comparable to the cuts on missing energy. We calculate the bounds from from $\sqrt{s}=
8$ and $13$ TeV data and show the expected reach of $\sqrt{s}=
14$ TeV LHC and $100$ TeV FCC in constraining or discovering the model.