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DoSSiER: Database of Scientific Simulation and Experimental Results

H.j. Wenzel, J. Yarba, K. Genser, D. Elvira, W. Pokorski, F. Carminati, D. Konstantinov, A. Ribon, G. Folger, A. Dotti

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

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\abstract{The Geant4, GeantV and GENIE collaborations regularly
perform validation and regression tests for simulation results.
DoSSiER ({\bf
D}atabase of {\bf S}cientific {\bf Si}mulation and {\bf
E}xperimental {\bf R}esults) is being developed as a central repository to store the simulation results as well as the experimental data used for validation.
DoSSiER can be easily accessed via a web application. In addition, a web service allows for programmatic access to the repository
to extract records in json or xml exchange formats. In this
article, we describe the functionality and the current status of
various components of DoSSiER as well as the technology choices we made.}