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The Shashlik Calorimeter, a LYSO/W plate Calorimeter for Precision EM Calorimeter in the High Luminosity LHC environment

B. Cox

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

Contribution: pdf


The future of HEP collider experiments for the next couple of decades may well require detectors that can withstand successively higher and higher luminosities. It has already become clear in the Atlas and CMS experiments at the LHC that major upgrades to detector components will be required to allow them to withstand integrated luminosities and pileup of 3000 $fb^{-1}$ by the 2025-30 period.
Calorimeters are essential component of each of the major LHC detectors and the question is whether a calorimeter based on optical techniques such as the Shashlik technique can be made radiation hard enough to be a viable option for 3000 $fb^{-1}$ and beyond. This paper describes studies done for the CMS calorimeter upgrade.