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Status of the large area MCP-PMT in China

Q. Sen, S. Liu, Z. Ning, Y. Wang, T. Zhao, Y. Heng, H. Liu, W. Li, J. Tian, Y. Wei, L. Xin, G. Huang, D. Li, L. Ren, J. Sun, S. Si, M. Qi

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

Contribution: pdf


For the next generation neutrino experiment, number of experienced researchers and
engineers in research institutes and companies related to PMT fabrication in China jointly
worked on the large area MCP-PMT collaboration group. In the past 5 years by collaborative
work, the 8-inch and 20-inch prototypes were produced. And also get the high detection
efficiency 20-inch MCP-PMT for JUNO in 2015, and get the 75% order of the JUNO-PMT.
This manuscript will introduce the progress of the R&D of this new design of the MCP-PMT,
also the performance tested result in the PMT Lab in IHEP.