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Volume 282 - 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP2016) - Detector: R&D and Performance
High-performance DIRC detector for use in an Electron-Ion Collider
L. Allison,* T. Cao, R. Dzhygadlo, T. Horn, C. Hyde, Y. Illieva, G. Kalicy, P. Nadel-Turonski, K. Park, K. Peters, C. Schwarz, J. Schwiening, J. Stevens, W. Xi, C. Zorn
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2017 February 06
Published on: 2017 April 19
The proposed Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) will explore the physical regime of the most fundamental particles, quarks and gluons, and their interactions, which create 95% of the mass of the visible matter in the universe. To analyze these collisions a sophisticated particle ID system must be built. A detector based on Detection of Internally Reflected Chereknov light (DIRC) technology is an attractive and radially compact solution for charged particle identification ($e/\pi$, $\pi/K$, $K/p$) at an EIC in the barrel region not accessible by traditional RICH detectors. This article will describe the status of the design and R&D effort for a high performance DIRC envisioned for an EIC detector. The current design of the DIRC at EIC will use a new, innovative compound lens to reach remarkable resolution sufficient to extend the momentum coverage well beyond state-of-the-art, up to 6 GeV/c. Performance of a prototype of the compound lens on both test bench studies as well as in a CERN test beam will also be discussed.
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