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Benefits of diverse and interdisciplinary co-creation for HEP - a showcase

D. Dobos, K. Dette, J. Dopke, M. Kagan, S. Kaufmann, I. Knaepper, J. Kurikka, L. Milano, T. Muranaka, I. Pascu, K. Potamianos, H. Schweiger, T. Utriainen, C. Bahamonde Castro, E. Perez Codina

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

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THE Port association organises interdisciplinary co-creational humanitarian hackathons at CERN. Combining physicists and engineers working on HEP related topics in their day job with entrepreneurs, artists, researchers, designers, humanitarian workers and other creative minds helps identifying similar material and engineering solutions for humanitarian challenges. It allow cross collaboration between many different disciplines. Concentrating on humanitarian and social benefitting topics the technology opportunities identify new methods, materials and processes, that can be feed back into HEP. The methodology of humanitarian hackathons is described and some examples of challenge outcomes are showcased.