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Heavy flavor measurements at STAR

H. Qiu, on behalf of the STAR collaboration

in 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics

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Selected new measurements of open and hidden heavy flavor hadrons from the STAR experiment are reported, especially those made possible by the new Heavy Flavor Tracker (HFT) and Muon Telescope Detector (MTD). An improved D0 RAA measurement shows significant suppression at high pT in central Au+Au collisions. The first measured D0 v2 in Au+Au collisions at top RHIC energy favors charm quark diffusion in the medium, when comparing with model calculations. Ds RAA in Au+Au collisions at top RHIC energy is also reported. Stronger-than-linear growth for relative J/ψ yield vs. event multiplicity is observed in p+p collisions. J/ψ RAA and ratio of yields of different Υ states in Au+Au collisions are also presented and compared with LHC results.