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Volume 283 - Neutrino Oscillation Workshop (NOW2016) - Session II: Oscillation parameters: Future
Measuring the Leptonic CP Phase in Neutrino Oscillations with Non-Unitary Mixing
P. Pasquini,* S.F. Ge, M. Amparo Tortola, J. Wagner Furtado Valle
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2017 March 22
Published on: 2017 June 20
Non-unitary neutrino mixing implies an extra CP violating phase that can fake the leptonic Dirac CP phase $\delta_{CP}$ of the simplest three-neutrino mixing benchmark scheme. This would hinder
the possibility of probing for CP violation in accelerator-type
experiments. We take T2K and T2HK as examples to demonstrate the degeneracy between the ``standard'' (or ``non-unitary'') and ``non-unitary'' CP phases. We find, under the assumption of non-unitary mixing, that their CP sensitivities severely deteriorate. Fortunately, the TNT2K proposal of supplementing T2(H)K with a $\mu$DAR source for better measurement of $\delta_{CP}$ can partially break the CP degeneracy by probing both $\cos \delta_{CP}$ and $\sin \delta_{CP}$ dependences in the wide spectrum of the $\mu$DAR flux. We also show that the further addition of a near detector to the $\mu$DAR setup can eliminate the degeneracy completely. This summary is based on ref~\cite{Ge:2016xya}.
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