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Volume 283 - Neutrino Oscillation Workshop (NOW2016) - Session IV: Neutrino masses, states, interactions
NUMEN project @ LNS: Status and perspectives
C. Agodi,* R.t.c.l. I use the file excel attached, F. Cappuzzello, E. Aciksoz, L. Acosta, X. Aslanouglou, N. Auerbach, J. Bellone, R. Bijker, D. Bonanno, D. Bongiovanni, T. Borello-Lewin, I. Boztosun, M.P. Bussa, L. Busso, S. Calabrese, L. Calabretta, A. Calanna, D. Calvo, D. Carbone, M. Cavallaro, E.R. Chávez Lomelí, M. Colonna, G. D'Agostino, P.N. De Faria, N. Dehsmukh, C. Ferraresi, J.L. Ferreira, P. Finocchiaro, A. Foti, V. Greco, A. Hacisalihoglu, F. Iazzi, R. Introzzzi, J. Kotila, F. La Via, G. Lanzalone, A. Lavagno, J.A. Lay, H. Lenske, R. Linares, D. Lo Presti, F. Longhitano, J. Lubian, N. Medina, D.R. Mendes Junior, A. Muoio, J.R.B. Oliveira, A. Pakou, L. Pandola, H. Petrascu, F. Pinna, D. Rifuggiato, M. Rodrigues, G. Russo, G. Santagati, E. Santopinto, O. Sgouros, S.O. Solakci, B. Soukeras, G. Souliotis, S. Tudisco, R.I. Magana Vsevolodovna, V.A.B. Zagatto
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2017 April 26
Published on: 2017 June 20
The aim of the NUMEN project is to access the Nuclear Matrix Elements (NME), involved in the half life of the neutrinoless double beta decay (0νββ), by measuring the cross sections of Heavy Ions (HI) induced Double Charge Exchange (DCE) reactions with high accuracy. First evidence of the possibility to get quantitative information about NME from experiments is shown in the reaction 40Ca(18O,18Ne)40Ar at 270 MeV, performed with MAGNEX spectrometer using Superconducting Cyclotron (CS) beams at INFN - Laboratory Nazionali del Sud (LNS) in Catania. Preliminary tests on 116Sn and 116Cd target are already performed. High beam intensity is the new frontiers for these studies.
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