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11th INTEGRAL Conference Gamma-Ray Astrophysics in Multi-Wavelength Perspective

INTEGRAL2016 - (other integral conferences)
10-14 October 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
published August 23, 2017
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SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research and the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy of the University of Amsterdam have organised the 11th INTEGRAL Conference. The meeting focused on the astrophysics of highly energetic phenomena that are observed with INTEGRAL, taking into account advanced modelling and observational constraints from all wavelengths (and other cosmic messengers). The programme provided a broad perspective of the findings of INTEGRAL in synergy with other space observatories (XMM-Newton, Chandra, NuStar, Swift, ASTROSAT, Hitomi, Fermi, etc.) and ground-based facilities (LOFAR, H.E.S.S., Veritas, MAGIC, etc.). It addressed key open questions in the field and novel ideas to resolve them.

conference main image
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Gravitational wave detection and EM follow-up
V404 Cygni
X-ray binaries
Isolated neutron stars
Super-massive black holes in AGN
Nucleosynthesis and gamma-ray lines
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Searching the INTEGRAL WEAK alert population for Gamma-ray Bursts and other high energy transients
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)007 pdf A. Higgins, R. Starling, D. Gotz and S. Mereghetti
Gravitational wave detection and EM follow-up
The astrophysics of LIGO gravitational-wave observations
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)002 pdf I. Mandel
Fast radio bursts: recent discoveries and future prospects
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)010 pdf E. Petroff
INTEGRAL @ INAF-IASF Milano: from Archives to Science
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)017 pdf A. Paizis, M. Fiorini, P. Franzetti, S. Mereghetti, R. Regni Ponzeveroni, L. Sidoli and M. Gaber
V404 Cygni
V404 Cyg: an INTEGRAL and Swift X-ray view of an obscured microquasar
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)020 pdf S.E. Motta, C. Sanchez-Fernandez and J. Kajava
INTEGRAL/IBIS observations of V404 Cygni polarimetric properties during its 2015 giant flares
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)022 pdf P. Laurent, C. Gouiffes, J. Rodriguez and V. Chambouleyron
Soft gamma-ray emission from the V404 Cygni outburst observed with INTEGRAL/PICsIT
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)023 pdf P. Lubinski, A. Bazzano, L. Natalucci, P. Ubertini, M. Sobolewska and P. Zycki
X-ray binaries
Low-luminosity stellar wind accretion onto neutron stars in HMXBs
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)029 pdf K. Postnov, L. Oskinova and J.M. Torrejon
Isolated neutron stars
Gamma-ray pulsars with Fermi
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)035 pdf D. Smith, L. Guillemot, M. Kerr, C. Ng and E. Barr
The state of magnetars
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)036 pdf E. Gogus
New hard X-rays and optical polarimetric observations of the Crab nebula and pulsar
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)038 pdf C. Gouiffes, P. Laurent, A. Shearer, E. O'Connor and P. Moran
Super-massive black holes in AGN
Hard X-ray surveys and the local AGN population
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)039 pdf S. Sazonov
Multiwavelength observations of blazars
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)040 pdf E. Pian
The nature of the coronae of accreting black holes
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)042 pdf A.M. Lohfink
Nucleosynthesis and gamma-ray lines
Insights on the physics of SNIa obtained from their gamma-ray emission
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)054 pdf J. Isern, E. Bravo, P. Jean and J. Knödlseder
The synthesis of 44Ti and 56Ni as a function of the initial rotational velocity, metallicity and mass
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)055 pdf A. Chieffi and M. Limongi
Positron annihilation in the Milky Way and beyond
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)056 pdf T. Siegert
Optical and X-ray activity of the Be/X-ray binary H 1145–619 detected with INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)061 pdf J. Alfonso-Garzon, J. Fabregat, C. Sanchez-Fernandez, P. Reig, J. Kajava, L. Townsend, J.M. Mas Hesse and P. Kretschmar
AGNJET v2.0: Towards self-consistent MHD+RT jet models for XRBs and AGN
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)067 pdf C. Ceccobello, S. Markoff and R. Connors
The timing noise of Magnetars
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)068 pdf D. Cerri, M.M. Serim, D. Yucalan, S. Sahiner, S.C. Inam and A. Baykal
Using a joint spectral fitting technique to explore the outflow geometry of GX 339-4 during the hard state
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)071 pdf R. Connors, D. van Eijnatten, C. Ceccobello and S. Markoff
The 2016 Super Pressure Balloon flight of the Compton Spectrometer and Imager
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)075 pdf C. Kierans, S. Boggs, J.L. Chiu, A. Lowell, C. Sleator, J. Tomsick, A. Zoglauer, M. Amman, H.K. Chang, C.H. Tseng, C.Y. Yang, C.H. Lin, P. Jean and P. von Ballmoos
EXO 2030+375 Restarts in Reverse
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)076 pdf P. Kretschmar, F. Fuerst, C.A. Wilson-Hodge, P. Blay, J. Kajava, J. Alfonso-Garzón, M. Kühnel, I. Kreykenbohm, J. Wilms, P.A. Jenke and K. Pottschmidt
NuSTAR observation of the Arches cluster: X-ray spectrum extraction from a 2D image
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)078 pdf R. Krivonos
Laue-telescope construction - a new approach
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)080 pdf N. Lund
Time resolved X-ray spectroscopy of V404 Cyg during the June 2015 outburst
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)084 pdf C. Sanchez-Fernandez, J. Kajava, S. Motta and E. Kuulkers
Episodic Torque-Luminosity Correlations and Anticorrelations of GX 1+4
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)086 pdf M.M. Serim, S. Sahiner, D. Cerri Serim, S.C. Inam and A. Baykal
Benchmarking COSI's detector effects engine
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)087 pdf C. Sleator, S. Boggs, J.L. Chiu, C. Kierans, A. Lowell, J. Tomsick, A. Zoglauer, M. Amman, H.K. Chang, C.H. Tseng, C.Y. Yang, C.H. Lin, P. Jean and P. vonBallmoos
Chandra spectroscopy of Rapid Burster type-I X-ray bursts
PoS(INTEGRAL2016)094 pdf J. in 't Zand, T. Bagnoli, C. D'Angelo, A. Patruno, D.K. Galloway, A.L. Watts, H.L. Marshall and M.B.M.V. der Klis