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Volume 287 - The 25th International workshop on vertex detectors (Vertex 2016) - Session: Poster
An Associative Memory Chip for the Trigger System of the ATLAS Experiment
R.S. Shojaii* on behalf of the FTK Collaboration
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2017 June 21
Published on: 2017 August 03
The AM06 is the 6th version of a large associative memory chip designed in 65~nm CMOS technology.

The AM06 operates as a highly parallel ASIC processor for pattern recognition in the ATLAS experiment at CERN. It is the core of the Fast TracKer electronic system, which is tailored for on-line track finding in the trigger system of the ATLAS experiment. The Fast TracKer system is able to process events up to 100~kHz in real time.

The AM06 is a complex chip, and it has been designed combining full-custom memory arrays,
standard logic cells and IP blocks. It contains memory banks that store data organized in 18 bit words;
a group of 8 words is called a pattern.
It accepts as input 16-bit words at a rate of 100 MHz, which are serialized with an 8b/10b encoding, thus giving a serial data rate equal to 2 Gbit/s. The chip silicon area is 168~mm$^2$; it contains 421 millions of transistors and it stores 2^17 patterns.

Moreover, the associative memory is suitable also for other interdisciplinary applications (i.e., general purpose image filtering and analysis). In the near future we plan to design a more powerful and flexible chip in 28~nm CMOS technology.
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