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Volume 288 - Accretion Processes in Cosmic Sources (APCS2016) - Special Night Session
Global Warming, Global Warming Pause and the Role of CO2
G. Shaviv
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Pre-published on: 2018 March 05
Published on: 2018 May 16
We discuss several aspects of the phenomenon called Global Warming and refrain from any con- clusions. We leave the reader to draw his conclusions about the series of observations presented here.
The phenomenon called Global Warming or in the new name Climate Change, refers to the be- havior of the ’Temperature of the Earth’ as a function of time. The ’temperature of the Earth’ is a complicated term as it is measured in different locations and one has to define at what location we discuss the temperature and how we average the temperature over the complicated surface of the Earth so as to obtain a single number. The atmosphere, or better said the troposphere, can be considered as a boundary layer. However, this layer is not isothermal and shows large temporal and location temperature variations. There are three basic questions the data should point to:
• How the "Global Temperature" of the Earth is evaluated and how the statistical mean be- haves as a function of time,
• How the temperature varies at a given fixed location, T(t),
• What is the role of CO2 in driving the "Global Earth temperature". We examine in the paper the following topics:
• The Global Earth Temperature and Definition of the Temperature Anomaly, • The rise of the oceans,
• The behavior of the CO2,
• The acidity of the seas,
• Underwater volcanos,
• The dependence of T(t) for a single place,
• Theoretical predictions of the Global Temperature, • The Interaction of the Sun with Earth’s climate,
• The phenomenon called ’Global Warming Pause.
in an attempt to provide a comprehensive answer to the above questions.
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