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Volume 289 - VIII International Workshop On Charm Physics (CHARM2016) - Parallel session: Charmonium, Production and Exotics
Production of charmed baryons and mesons in antiproton-proton annihilation
J. Haidenbauer
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Published on: 2017 February 28
An estimation for the production rate of charmed mesons ($D$, $D_s$) and baryons
($\Lambda_c$, $\Sigma_c$, $\Xi_c$, $\Xi_c'$) in antiproton-proton ($\bar pp$)
annihilation close to their respective kinematical thresholds is presented.
The elementary charm production process is described by either baryon/meson
exchange or by quark/gluon dynamics. Effects of the interactions in the
initial and final states are taken into account rigorously.
The calculations are performed in close analogy to studies on
$\bar p p \to \bar \Lambda \Lambda$, $\bar \Sigma\Sigma$, $\bar \Xi\Xi$ and $\bar p p \to \bar KK $
performed by the J\"ulich group in the past, by connecting the processes via $SU(4)$ symmetry.
The predicted production cross sections of charmed baryons are typically in the
order of $1$ $\mu b$, while those for charmed mesons are in the order of $10-100$ nb.
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