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WG5 summary: direct CP violation in B decays

M. John, T. Latham, R. Mohanta

in 9th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle

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These proceedings summarise new results shown at the 2016 CKM workshop in Working Group 5. Time-integrated charge asymmetry measurements in $B\to Dh$ and charmless $b$-hadron decays are core themes of the group but several ancillary topics are reported.
Vital to understanding $B\to D^0 K$ charge asymmetries in multibody $D^0$ decays is knowledge of the $CP$ content of the $D^0$ decay and two important developments are described.
Also reported is a number of searches for new hadronic $B$ decay signatures.
Experimental results are dominated by LHCb at this time though, results from Belle as still forthcoming.