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CPV results from time-dependent analysis of $B^0_{s}\to (K^{+}\pi^{-})(K^{-}\pi^{+})$

J. Garcia Pardinas, on behalf of the LHCb collaboration

in 9th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle

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The $B_s^0\to K^{*0}\overline{K}^{*0}$ decay constitutes an excellent candidate to search for New Physics in the field of CP violation, and LHCb is the only current experiment capable of fully studying this channel. The first observation of this mode and the determination of its polarization fractions and time-integrated CP asymmetries are reviewed. The first time-dependent study aimed at measuring the mixing-induced CP-violating phase $\phi_s^{d\overline{d}}$ in this mode is also presented.