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Measurements of the top quark mass from the LHC and the Tevatron

O. Brandt, on behalf of the ATLAS, CDF, CMS, and D0 Collaborations

in 9th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle

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The mass of the top quark is a fundamental parameter of the standard model and has to be determined experimentally. In these proceedings, I review recent measurements of the top quark mass in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt s=7,~8,$ and 13~TeV recorded by the ATLAS and CMS detectors at the LHC, and in $p\bar p$ collisions at $\sqrt s=1.96$~TeV recorded by the CDF and D0 experiments at the Tevatron. The measurements are performed in final states containing two, one, and no charged leptons. A relative precision of down to 0.3% is attained. In addition, recent measurements aiming to determine the top quark mass in the well-defined pole scheme using both inclusive $t \bar t$ and $t \bar t +1~{\rm jet}$ production are presented.