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Volume 295 - The 19th International Workshop on Neutrinos from Accelerators NUFACT2017 (NuFact2017) - Working group 4: Muon cLFV
Higgs mediated CLFV processes $\mu N (eN) \rightarrow \tau X$ via gluon operators
M. Yamanaka,* M. Takeuchi, Y. Uesaka
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2017 December 22
Published on: 2018 June 18
We revisit charged lepton flavor violating (CLFV) scattering processes $\ell_{i} N \to \tau X \, (\ell_{i} \ni e, \mu)$ mediated by Higgs. We point out that a new subprocess $\ell_{i} g \to \tau g$ via the effective interactions of Higgs and gluon gives the dominant contribution to $\ell_{i} N \to \tau X$ for an incident beam energy of $E_{\ell} \lesssim 1\,\text{TeV}$ in fixed target experiments. Furthermore, in the light of quark number conservation, we consider quark pair-production processes $\ell_{i} g \to \tau q \bar{q}$ ($q$ denotes quarks) instead of $\ell_{i} q \to \tau q$. This corrects the threshold energy of each subprocess contributing to $\sigma(\ell_{i} N \to \tau X)$. Reevaluation of $\sigma(\ell_{i} N \to \tau X)$ including all of relevant subprocesses shows that the search for $\ell_{i} N \to \tau X$ could serve a complementary opportunity with other relevant processes to shed light on the Higgs CLFV. This article is based on Ref.~\cite{Takeuchi:2017btl}.
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