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CTEQ-TEA parton distributions functions with intrinsic charm

M. Guzzi, T.J. Hou, S. Dulat, J. Gao, J.W. Huston, P. Nadolsky, C. Schmidt, J. Winter, K. Xie, C.P. Yuan

in XXV International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects

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We present a study in which the possibility of a (sizable) nonperturbative contribution to
the charm parton distribution function (PDF) in a nucleon is investigated
together with theoretical issues arising in its interpretation.
The separation of the universal component of the nonperturbative charm
from the rest of the radiative contributions is also discussed.
We illustrate the potential impact of a nonperturbative charm PDF on LHC scattering processes. An estimate of nonperturbative charm magnitude in the CT14 and CT14HERA2 global QCD analyses at the next-to-next-to leading order (NNLO) in the QCD coupling strength is given by including the latest experimental data from HERA and the Large Hadron Collider. We show a comparison between different models of intrinsic charm and illustrate prospects for standard candle observables at the LHC.