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Double Parton Scattering in 4-jet production at the LHC with and without open b-bar

M. Bury, A. van Hameren, H. Jung, K. Kutak, M. Serino

in XXV International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects

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We report the preliminary results of the ongoing update of our study of 4-jet production at the LHC in High Energy Factorization, which is being supplemented by parton showers. We focus on a specific angular variable introduced in two papers by the CMS collaboration on 4-jet production with and without two b-tagged jets.
The variable is, by construction, sensitive to contributions from Multi Parton Interactions (MPIs),
specifically hard Double Parton Scattering (DPS). We preliminarily find that, adding parton showers to the single parton scattering channel, the evidence for the need for MPIs is compatible with the one reported by the CMS collaboration after a comparison of the data with simulations based on collinear Monte Carlo event generators.