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The B 0 s → μ + μ − decay, lepton flavour violation and 1 lepton flavour universality at the LHCb experiment

L. Pescatore, on behalf of the LHCb collaboration

in XXV International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects

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Rare decays of b hadrons are sensitive indirect probes of effects beyond the Standard Model.
These are processes that are suppressed because they are forbidden at tree level but they can proceed via loops, where new particles can contribute in principle at the same level as the Standard Model. In particular, b->sll processes give access to many observables where effects of new physics can be observed. Recent results on these searches will be presented, including the new measurement of the Bs->mumu branching fraction, lepton flavour violation and lepton flavour universality measurements performed at the LHCb experiment.