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Overview of transverse spin physics in the PHENIX experiment

M. Boer, On behalf of the PHENIX collaboration

in XXV International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects

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We present an overview of recent results from the PHENIX collaboration on spin physics using a transversely polarized proton beam. Several experiments have been conducted at RHIC in the past decade using such beam polarization in proton-proton collisions. Recently, polarized proton-nucleus collisions have also been studied. Important recent transverse spin measurements in PHENIX include the transverse spin asymmetry in light meson production ($\pi^0$ , $\eta$), where a non-zero asymmetry can be interpreted as an initial state interaction (related to the Sivers effect) or a final state correlation (partially related to the Collins effect). Transverse spin asymmetries have also been measured for muons from heavy flavored hadrons and J/$\Psi$. Some of these asymmetries have been measured in both proton-proton and proton-ion collision allowing the study of nuclear dependence.