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A Proportional Fair Resource Allocation Algorithm for Hybrid Hierarchical Backhaul Networks

G. Tan, X. Lian, Y. Zhu, G. Wu, Y. Li

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to improve the total system throughput by analyzing the resource allocation problems in backhaul links and access links of base stations in ultra-dense network (UDN), a proportional fair resource allocation (PFRA) algorithm was designed for the wireless hybrid hierarchical backhaul network in this paper. First, the base stations were stratified and the frame structure of each base station in different layeies was re-designed. Then, the objective function was constructed based on the proportional fair utility function to optimize the system throughput. Finally, an iterative algorithm was derived based on Lagrange Multiplier algorithm to obtain the optimal solution of spectrum resource allocation in hybrid hierarchical backhaul network. The performance of the PFRA algorithm has been simulated and the results show that the PFRA algorithm can improve network throughput effectively at the cost of losing a certain network
coverage rate. In the future, PFRA needs to be optimized to reach the best balance between network throughput and network coverage rate.