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Design and Development of Vehicle Collision-Avoidance System Based on UWB Wireless Sensor Networks

X. Liu, F. Jin, X. Lv, Y.S. Zhan, D. Zhang

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to solve the personal injury accidents when the vehicle drives in the mine, this paper designs and developments an vehicle collision-avoidance system based on UWB Wireless Sensor Networks
which can solve the personal injury accidents. The UWB is an emerging technology designed at short range and high transmission rate which can offer a fine resolution to evaluate distance. This paper presents the vehicle collision-avoidance system composition which consists of both the hardware composition and software design. It also presents the principle of ranging algorithm which is used to implement the function of vehicle collision-avoidance. The vehicle collision-avoidance system has been tested in the mine and the
personal injury accidents have greatly decreased. Therefore, the system will have a fine application prospects in mine.