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A Survey of Side-Channel Attack and Security Assessment for Cryptographic Equipment

K.y. Chen, D.x. Guo, Y. Zhang, X.h. Wang, X.y. Zhang, Z.y. Xu

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to understand the development of current channel energy analysis technology and protection strategy, at the same time,
we will lay the foundation for establishing safety evaluation system about Encryption device in the next stage. We analyzed the
side-channel attacks of the current mainstream encryption algorithms. The side-channel attack is classified by combining the specific operations of the algorithm that are easily attacked by the attacker. Aiming at the more popular DPA attacks, the paper focuses on the corresponding protection strategies, including the first-order DPA attack defense strategy and the second-order DPA
attack defense strategy. Finally, the evaluation index of the current safety assessment system is summarized, and the effect of each index is elaborated.