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3D Visualization of Point Clouds Using HTML5 and WebGL

J. Huang, J. Wang

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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The wide application of the 3D laser scanner leads to an urgent demand in visualization of point clouds, which, however, has been only limited to desktop-based solutions for years. As an emergent online 3D Engine,Web GL makes several web renderers availableļ¼Ž To address the current issue of online point cloud visualization, this paper proposed a method of web-based point cloud visualization without plug-in. This method combines ASP. NET and Web GL,by using the spatial database PostgreSQL to store data of different formats, and HTML5 to implement the user interfac. A visualization system for 3D point clouds is thus developed by
JavaScript with the web interactions. Finally, this method is applied to the real cases. Results of experiments have verified that the method is very useful in avoiding the shortcomings of current
solutions for point clouds onlineļ¼Ž