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Research of Knowledge Mapping Construction Method Based on Scientific Research Results

Y. Zhang, G. Lin, J. Li

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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Based on the fact that domestic and overseas knowledge mapping researches commonly used literature data as sample, this paper puts forward a new approach of knowledge mapping construction to supplement the traditional way. This construction approach uses scientific research results such as research projects, teams and awards which may reflect technological development as sample data, and add data cleaning, knowledge cell selecting and information
mining methods to manage the research results data in disorder and without unified collection. In this paper, the computer science discipline is chosen as an example to illustrate feasibility, efficacy and innovation of this approach. The empirical result shows that the knowledge mapping constructed by using this approach gives a more comprehensive analysis of discipline
development. This knowledge mapping construction approach provides a new idea of analyzing, supervising and evaluating discipline development from the perspective of multi-dimensional data analysis, also reveals more discipline development situation than the approach based on traditional literature data.