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A Novel Trust Management Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing Environment

C. Zhu, Q. Ding, X. Chen, Z. Shi

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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With the trend of Mobile Cloud Computing, the establishment of trust between mobile consumers and cloud service providers become the primary issue as it relates to the cloud platform security. Subjective or objective trust model are typically adopted in the Cloud environment; however, none of these models can easily go for MCC because they only cover a few aspects of trust establishment and do not support all the essential features. In this paper, a
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) server assisted distributed trust management framework is designed for such networks that enables mobile users to quickly adapt itself to change local
conditions. Based on this architecture, an innovative trust model is presented which integrates objective and subjective trust aggregated in a distributed manner. The simulation results
demonstrate that this model can be effective to differentiate trustworthy and untrustworthy Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and the service users in the presence of few untrustworthy nodes. In particular, it provides a more effective method to meet the mobile users' individualization requirement.