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The Impact of Dynamic Retrieval Emissivity on the Microwave Surface-sensitive Channels over Land

D. Xing, Q. Huang, W. Zhang, B. Liu, X. Xing, T. Luo

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In addition to the traditionally complex land surface emissivity models, it is possible to direct real-time retrieve emissivity over land surface in a large-scaled temporal and spatial region from satellite microwave observations. We investigated the performance of the real-time dynamic retrieval emissivity against the monthly averaged emissivity atlas. As indicated by the results, the dynamic retrieval algorithm can obviously reduce the first guess departure of low-level channels which are sensitive to the surface and the simulated background brightness temperatures with real-time dynamic emissivity against the observations have a better agreement over the land surface and higher correlation. Therefore, the dynamic retrieval emissivity algorithm has the potential to improve the effect of satellite data assimilation.