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Design and Implementation of Camp us Keeping Fit Application Based on IOS and Bmob Cloud

Y. Liu

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to find an effective way to develop intelligent campus application and improve the science and technology level of the local campus learning and daily life, the Campus Keeping Fit application based on iOS and Bmob cloud was designed and implemented in this paper. By introducing Bmob cloud as server side, we can simplify the process of building network communication interfaces and the database management work. Then the usage of the third part libraries can make the implementation effective. For illustration, the database structure and several main functions of the intelligent campus application are introduced. The practice results show that Bmob server and whole framework used in the paper are effective and convenient way to develop intelligent campus applications. This paper designed and implemented an iOS application named Campus Keeping Fit as a demonstration to develop the intelligent campus, and it definitely can be considered as a feasible way to solve the problem of campus application designand implementation work.