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Analysis of College Students' Spirit Index Based on Structural Equation Model

W. Cao, X. Li, X. Kong, J. Chen, H. Xia, Y. Li

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to measure the happiness of Chinese college students specifically, we build a new indicator in our study, Spirit Index, using data mining and the structure equation model. With the
principal component analysis method, we get 9 factors as the observed variables from 18 original observations. Then we select an optimum structure equation model after considerable trying in AMOS software and present the outcomes in data comparative forms as well as the Chernoff faces. After analyzing, we find that the fitness affects students’ Spirit Index more significantly than mind does. Relevant departments may need to pay attention to the physical
fitness education for Chinese college students in the meantime to improve the psychological conditions. In addition, the Spirit Index is a scientific indicator which can be used in the assessments of students’ happiness.