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Integrated Flight and Propulsion Distributed Control System Simulation Platform Design

J. Peng, Y. Zhang

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to solve the simulation problem of integrated flight propulsion control system based on the distributed structure.
A simulation system based on MATLAB/Simulink is designed in this
paper. The IFPC system structure is analyzed firstly. The overall structure and all separate modules of the simulation platform
which based on CAN bus is then designed by using Truetime simulation toolbox. In order to verify the effectiveness of the
designed platform, the performance of distributed integrated flight and propulsion control system with network induced delay and packet dropout is simulated. The result shows that the designed platform can effectively reflect the influence of network characteristics on the system performance. The designed simulation platform is advanced in its multiple adjustable parameters, open access and easy operation, which is an ideal distributed control system simulation platform.