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An Unified Payment Method of Charging Piles Based on Blockchain

J. Wang, Q. He, Y. Xu, Q. Han, Z. Zhou

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to reduce the dependence on oil, develop clean energy, alleviate environmental pollution and other issues, the electric car, as the representative of the new energy industry, has been
greatly supported by the government and achieved vigorous development. Blockchain is an innovative revolution over the internet finance; however, the current trading mode involves the
third party. As a result, the cost has increased while accompanied with reduced efficiency. In this article, in respect of the problem between different current charging piles not to achieve unified
charge payment, we use the consortium blockchain to establish a
n unified payment channel without involvement of the third party. It can solve the problems such as great inconvenience to users caused by different charges and payment methods in different charging pile operators, and thus promote the rapid popularization of electric vehicles.