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File Version Based Continuous Data Protection On Distributed Object

X. Yang, N. Jing, J. Wu, J. Li

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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Continuous Data Protection (CDP) can restore data to any point-in-time, but high storage overhead and drastic system performance drop restricts its application. In this paper, we propose a file version based file level CDP system (FV-CDP) by using cheap distributed storage for backup to low down the storage costs and using local object cache and parralel asynchronous object sending to mask network storage latency. It designs special opration log to identify the file system hierarchy at any point-in-time and exploits parallel restoring in filesystem recovery. The experimental results show that parallel asynchronous objects sending makes the FV-CDP system max write ops to get improved by about 3.4 times, and the parallel recovery reduces file system recovery time by up to 57%. Under high frequency file syetem change workload, FV-CDP causes a large storage space overhead.