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A Recommendation System Based on the Education Big Data for E-learning

L. Ni, L. Yanshen, L. Yi

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to enable learners to filter the electronic learning materials in the context of education big data, a recommendation system based on the education big data for E-learning is presented
in this paper. This paper introduces the basic theory of the membership relations among the learning contents attributes, and establishes the theoretical model of recommendation model based on education big data. The model is built through three steps: setting up the primary fuzzy recommendation demand set, setting up the advanced fuzzy recommendation requirements set and designing a fuzzy recommendation algorithm. And also, this model has designed the framework and functional architecture of the fuzzy recommendation system for learning content. According to the learners' learning situation, the system can select proper learning content and inform learners of the real-time information. The system improves the efficiency of the job selection, and solves the technical problem of the design of the electronic job system in the construction of E-book package. The model is stable, reliable and easy to use.