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Behavior of zonal components of CR distribution during periods of solar wind disturbances

P.Y. Gololobov, V. Grigoryev, S. Starodubtsev

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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On the basis of processing of world-wide neutron monitor network data (NMDB using the global survey method in real time, a behaviour of the first two angular moments of a cosmic ray distribution function for the period 2015-2016 are investigated. As a result of the investigation new criteria of behaviour of their parameters before beginnings of geomagnetic disturbances are found. Also the relationship between the manifested predictors and variations of Dst- and Kp-indexes are considered. It is shown that in some cases there is a connection between abrupt increases of positive values of the zonal components and increases of Kp-index values, which is due to the auroral phenomena in the sub-polar regions of the Earth. The results of the investigation can be used for more effective space weather forecasting.