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Estimation of long-term stability of detectors of the world neutron monitor network for the whole monitoring period

L. Dorman, A. Belov, R. Gushchina, E. Eroshenko, M. Preobrazhensky, V. Yanke

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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Worldwide neutron monitor network today consists of more than 50 neutron monitors. To provide long time observation of solar activity revealed in cosmic rays the first importance has a stable operating of the neutron monitor network. The method of this long time stability estimation is considered in presented work. The quantitative ratios of stable operation and causes of the long time drifts in the neutron monitor data are presented for each station. Now days the new scientific and applying problem stand before the network, so, this network is essentially modernized at present. The main task now is to provide the network operating and operating as a single multidirectional device with sufficiently stable long time accuracy.