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SIDR Experiment status and first results

G. Bashindzhagyan, V. Barnes, E. Fischbach, G. Hovsepyan, N. Korotkova, L. Poghosyan, N. Sinev

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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A two channel version of the SIDR (Solar Influence on Decay Rate) experiment setup is taking data in Yerevan (Armenia) and first results are presented. Two identical Sr-90 sources with scintillator detectors and fast electronics are permanently working at the Yerevan Physics Institute, located approximately 800 m above sea level. Every channel decay rate is 150 000/s. This gives us an opportunity to investigate rather fast rate changes with better than 0.1% accuracy for 10 s time intervals. The channels are synchronized, and the number of decays in each channel is recorded every 100 ms. This allows us to register correlations in rate changes between the channels, and also with various environmental events, with 1% accuracy per channel within 0.1 s.