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Search for the tritium nuclei in Earth re-entrant albedo radiation with the PAMELA experiment

S. Koldobskiy, V. Mikhailov

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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First results of tritium nuclei search albedo cosmic rays with the PAMELA experiment are presented. Tritium is a light unstable nucleus with the half-life time of 12.32 years. This short lifetime in comparison with lifetime of galactic cosmic rays (10$^6$ years) is the main reason why tritium can not be found in galactic cosmic rays. However the albedo tririum nuclei can be generated in the Earth atmosphere as a result of interaction of high energy galactic cosmic rays with atmosphere nuclei. These tritium nuclei can be registered in albedo fluxes measured with satellite experiment PAMELA. The first results of this high-energy tritium search are presented in this work.